A copywriter’s Microsoft Word shortcut arsenal

When you write to make money, maximizing your productivity is essential. By focusing as much as possible on your core tasks, you’ll be able to improve the quality of your thought processes and work, and you’ll also improve your credibility as a conscientious freelancer (or employee) who doesn’t stretch his or her hours to inflate […]

Choose 15 consequence-free foods to eat for the rest of your life

My friend and colleague Christina recently asked on Facebook which foods (and I’m assuming nonessential beverages) we would choose to eat for the rest of our lives if we could only have 15, given that they were infinite and caused no harmful health effects. Here’s my list, at this point in my life: Smoked trout […]

TIL – Annual sales of typical vs. college bookstores are seriously tipped

The typical U.S. bookstore brings in average sales of $1M per year, while the typical college bookstore brings in $4.9M! That’s a huge disparity. Unlike your run-of-the-mill bookstore, college bookstores’ customers are (in most cases) required to shop there, which guarantees a customer base and allows for rampant price gouging.

Hello world!

As my first post on JameyDeOrio.com, I’ve decided to keep the “Hello world!” title that WordPress automatically gives as filler text. It’s appropriate – although I’ve made a heap of websites and blogs under different monikers and for different goals in the past, this is essentially the first time I’ve ever reached out to the […]