Twitter Updates for 2011-08-30

  • Websites that autoplay music make me want to do horrible things. #
  • My @zenniopt experience was a huge success! I recommend it if you know your prescription. Take the time to use their preview feature. #
  • huehuehuehuehuehohohohehehehehawhawhawheyheyhey #
  • @MaryDisparity Palibos, Palibos, Palibos! #
  • @Locomalito I want to say: Locomalito is my favorite studio. You guys do such an amazing job with your games and presentation. Thank you! in reply to Locomalito #
  • @cucumberoneye I've been waiting for a non-iThing FMN release. This is fantastic! Satisfying on so many levels. #
  • @cucumberoneye However, I did get "walled." >> #

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