Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-28

  • "I'm learnding!" #
  • Enough Angry Birds, already. #
  • I coded my first Java app yesterday. It's a digital clock, and that's it. Clocks are everywhere! Gonna make my first cool mil off this baby. #
  • @PIGSquad I gotta get my hands on one of those bad-ass shirts. And then get that bad-ass shirt on my body. in reply to PIGSquad #
  • Please, @Hoovers, stop trying to have your bots fake chat with me every 4 seconds. #
  • @_rosiegray Portland is a very sex-forward city. #
  • Gotta love websites that disable right clicking. ALT + PRT SC. Thanks. #
  • I always have a really emotional moment at Last Thursday. It's wonderful to be around so many people just celebrating together. #
  • To Vim or not to Vim? I've been going back and forth every day. #
  • @notch Most roguelikes. in reply to notch #
  • I like when I get to say phrases like "profit margin" in conversation. It makes me feel like I actually know what I'm talking about. #
  • @ThisIsMoronic Stay strong, NYC. This is your hurricane. And right after your own quake. in reply to ThisIsMoronic #
  • I just wanna ride my motorcy. #
  • Represent! >> RT @PIGSquad: At @pax! Giving swag and taking it! in reply to PIGSquad #
  • @withloudhands Give it a salute for me. When is the storm supposed to hit you guys? in reply to withloudhands #
  • @withloudhands I wish you all the best. My guess is that everyone will be fine, but the city's infrastructure will be effed for a few days. in reply to withloudhands #
  • @withloudhands I'd make sure to have enough food and water for at least a couple days. I made that mistake when we got snowed in in Georgia. in reply to withloudhands #
  • RT @daveywhitney: Oh snap, Friday night CodeJam with @JameyDeOrio #
  • I accidentally created an infinite loop! Everybody run for the hills!!! OH SH–I accidentally created an infinite loop! Everybody run for th #
  • This is a TEST. #
  • Testing again. Sorry peoples. #
  • I can test all night! #
  • The items and inventory system in Netpack is working! Great success! Now to code all the power-ups' actions…. **gnashing of teeth** #

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