Covox at Backspace!

I can count the number of shows I’ve danced at on three fingers. Unluckily for any innocent bystanders, last night was one of them. And I don’t think I was the only one uncharacteristically moved to bounce and throw my hands around like an idiot. Covox’s gigantic beats were tearing nerds’ thumbs out of their […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-18

YABBA DABBA DOO # Ludum Dare » Blog Archive » 7 jams in one weekend! # I’m awake on East Coast time today. Sup NY. # @withloudhands Yesterday I joked with Mary that Folgers was the only coffee known to Elmira/Horseheads when I was young. in reply to withloudhands # @casskhaw I think Netpack, […]