Covox at Backspace!

I can count the number of shows I’ve danced at on three fingers. Unluckily for any innocent bystanders, last night was one of them. And I don’t think I was the only one uncharacteristically moved to bounce and throw my hands around like an idiot. Covox’s gigantic beats were tearing nerds’ thumbs out of their pockets left and right, mashing gamers, technophiles, and introverts into a uniform sea of unlikely club-thumping magnetism.

Covox at Backspace

Most of Covox’s set seemed to be composed of new, or at least unreleased, material. I could be wrong, but the last official album I know of is Infiltrator, from 2007. Unsurprisingly, a lot of this music seemed to be backing off from traditional chip and entering the larger space of electronic and house. Near the end of the show, Covox played a straightforward rendering of Psychic Youth, which was immediately met with ample fist-pumping and hollering, and he wiped the floor with a glitched-out version of Switchblade Squadron. There were only a few second-long breaks between songs, leaving the rest of the set as an ongoing quake of LSDJ-spiced electronica.

Covox was my introduction to the bountiful wonderland of Sweden, followed so far – and in chronological order – by Cactus, meatballs, furniture, and Minecraft. Understandably, I was more excited for this show than most any other, and I was not let down. I don’t think anyone else was, either.

Many thanks to 2 Player Productions for putting this show together!

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  1. He was also a really nice guy, for what it’s worth (quite a bit, in my book).

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