Twitter Updates for 2011-09-11

I just rated Yoko's Japanese Restaurant 4 stars on @GooglePlaces "Really good rolls and experienced chefs, but it's…" # Cat on a cool concrete roof # @daveywhitney This is just what I need! in reply to daveywhitney # Powered by Twitter Tools

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-10

BUT IT'S MY JORB >> RT @daveywhitney: Googling himself again # Wow. Battery life on 4G LTE phones is almost a deal-breaker. I will not charge my phone twice a day and overnight. # @casskhaw The amount of content on @indiegamescom has skyrocketed since your arrival. I can barely keep up! # Powered by […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-09

Yo Portlanders, come out to Backspace tonight at 8 for some raging awesome chip music! Spamtron, Mechlo, Plain Flavored, and Greightbit. # I got the Droid Bionic today. It's badass. # @Dothackit Are you coming to the show tonight? # I just rated C Bar 4 stars on @GooglePlaces "Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Pinball machines, […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-08

I think about dodongos probably a little more often than I should. #DISLIKES #SMOKE # .@maheshrmohan Hey, nice site redesign! I missed when it happened. in reply to maheshrmohan # @maheshrmohan I redesigned mine as well, to focus more on my game design and coding as I slowly move away from professional writing. in reply […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-07

@grantling Thanks! It's only for Windows now, though a Linux build is coming. Hope you're not Mac-only! # @grantling Sweet! You should probably check the readme's gameplay section for subtleties, but it's pretty simple overall. in reply to grantling # Does ANYONE know how to create a relative shortcut on Windows? This is driving me […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-06

Yay, Netpack v0.9 is done! I'm not officially posting it anywhere till 1.0, but I need play testers, so… send me a message! # "Tweet it!" – Silver Bird # Here's a pic of Netpack in action >> # Powered by Twitter Tools

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-04

The redesign of my site [ ] is basically done :) # Sorry for the three tweets. Twitter sucks at URLs. # @benlat Make out with your radio! in reply to benlat # Powered by Twitter Tools

Sorry for the three tweets. Tw…

Sorry for the three tweets. Twitter sucks at URLs.

The redesign of my site [ http…

The redesign of my site [ ] is basically done :)

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-03

@teejayvanslyke Can't you set up options for different file types? in reply to teejayvanslyke # .@bryanwoods I've recently crossed a line where launching Vim feels like I'm opening presents on Christmas morning, every time. # Hey everyone, it's Follow Me Friday! SO FOLLOW ME. I tweet about coding and business and gaming and funny stuff! […]