Twitter Updates for 2011-09-07

  • @grantling Thanks! It's only for Windows now, though a Linux build is coming. Hope you're not Mac-only! #
  • @grantling Sweet! You should probably check the readme's gameplay section for subtleties, but it's pretty simple overall. in reply to grantling #
  • Does ANYONE know how to create a relative shortcut on Windows? This is driving me mad. #
  • @notch I remember when you posted the earliest Minecraft "toy" to the forums. It's been such an interesting game to follow! Thanks :) in reply to notch #
  • Sometimes I feel like I never want to develop a game more complicated than NES standards. #
  • Limitations lay the groundwork for creativity. #
  • When you have to condense your ideas into a framework, it's easier to end up with something that's addictive and not overwrought. #
  • But if something comes without a challenge, if you didn't have to work hard for it, it's probably not very good. #
  • I'm adding a super-scary secret maze for Netpack adventurers who are daring enough to kill all the ghosts on the way up…. #

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