Twitter weekly updates for 2011-10-30

So many rad IGF games! # Got lost (and found) in a corn maze with @grovemade today! And rode tiny cow carts. Kind of like Choco Island, but tied together…. # Python feels so good. I'm going to try to rebuild my site in Django next. # @lowtax The worst part is that they apparently […]

Twitter weekly updates for 2011-10-23

"Stick to the good; do the job." – Life advice from a particularly seasoned spambot # @milesjai Like my tweet. # I lost a job and got a job in three days. Not bad. # I'm "beating Metroid without a walkthrough in the afternoon," or as the common American might put it, "between jobs." # […]

New site design! New job!

It’s been an exciting week. Two bits of news. First and foremost (and most obviously), I’ve redesigned the website. This is the first WordPress website I’ve ever built from scratch. I thought it would be a good idea to learn WP from the ground up so I could get everything to look and work exactly […]

Twitter weekly updates for 2011-10-16

Ok, OS X Lion rules. # Coding a deck of cards, stacks, movement/dragging, and solitaire rules is way more difficult than I anticipated. # @yrfriendliz If I throw it across the room twice, I stop reading it. in reply to yrfriendliz # It’s pouring and sunny. Ah, Portland autumn. # @marydisparity RT @doubleZY: cc @mkiebzak […]

n00b data encryption for save files, pt. two

Okay, as promised, I’m going to run through the encryption method I finally ended up using in Netpack. Sorry if I’m a bit short. I haven’t looked at Netpack since the final release, and I’ve since moved on to new projects. The old encryption method would have been fine for a simple game if I […]

Twitter weekly updates for 2011-10-09

2=^] # @WAallLy Looks like the "So Bad, It's Good" compo is over, but it's still worth checking out >> # Trailer >> Lexaloffle's Voxatron >> RT @PHIL_FISH: this is damn impressive. # @notch Have you ever thought about allowing players to write notes on paper, to leave at friends' houses or wherever? […]

Twitter weekly updates for 2011-10-02

@LordKaT Hey there! Royal Paw here. Just saw that you covered Netpack as the Indie Game of the Week yesterday o_O. Thanks! # @lexaloffle Can’t wait! Swarm Racer was one of my first indie game loves. Nothing but the best from you. in reply to lexaloffle # @LordKaT Also, you can get the secret dungeon […]