New site design! New job!

It’s been an exciting week. Two bits of news.

First and foremost (and most obviously), I’ve redesigned the website. This is the first WordPress website I’ve ever built from scratch. I thought it would be a good idea to learn WP from the ground up so I could get everything to look and work exactly how I wanted, and I’m pretty damned happy with the result. Many thanks to the really great and simple tutorial at WPDesigner. Hooray!

The other piece of news is that the company I have been working for during the past two years folded on Sunday. I’m no longer a market analyst or business plan writer. This is fantastic. I’ve been trying to get out of the “industry” for four years, and it’s been exhausting. And even better, I’ve been hired by Grove, a company that makes bamboo cases for Apple products like iPhones, iPads, and MacBook Pros. Grove is amazing. Hopefully, I’ll be able to move into Django development or some other tech role once I start to fit in, giving me some great and much-needed professional experience. A totally new chapter awaits!

Gameboy iPhone Case

iPhone Bird Design

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