Twitter weekly updates for 2011-10-16

  • What’s the deal with SO MANY otherwise formidable research reports NOT including the publication date? #
  • @casskhaw So wishing there was an “edit” button on @indiegamescom comments so I could fix my glaring “it’s” mistake…. #
  • @RaveofRavendale Sometimes I dream in code, and it’s a real pain in the neck. Also, the existence of chavs boggles my mind. in reply to RaveofRavendale #
  • @casskhaw @RaveofRavendale People have been so moody and grumbly on the website as of late. #
  • It’s funny how your web traffic, in the course of a week, can go from 500/day to… 4. #
  • @withloudhands That’s what IIII’MMMM saying! in reply to withloudhands #
  • Pixel art is hard. #
  • #pigirc on is bomb! @PIGSquad #
  • @PDXShineALight By “first come, first serve,” do you mean only 45 tattoos will be given out, or do you mean “no appointments”? #ArtIsForever #
  • On my way to get a tattoo at Portland Art Museum’s Shine a Light event. #PDXShineALight #ArtIsForever #
  • False start. Free tattoo is at 8pm. #
  • What is the Duke Nukem Forever of the independent scene? Fez? The Underside? #
  • Oh yeah! Or how about Balding’s Quest >> RT @schonstal: @JameyDeOrio Bob’s Game in reply to schonstal #
  • @auntiepixelante Just read your “a closed mind” article. FWIW, when I think of “queer” games, I think of you. And Pacian’s Gun Mute. <3 #
  • Good luck and godspeed, @thesonicyouth. You’ve made a tremendous mark on so many of us and on music and art in general. <3 #
  • Great seeing @teejayvanslyke tonight. Oh, and getting a free tattoo was pretty cool, too. #
  • @teejayvanslyke The speed at which we tweet is frightening. in reply to teejayvanslyke #
  • Hey @BarackObama, some name puns for you: Barack Oburger, Barack Otaco, Taco Bama. Lots more where that came from. Thanks for everything! #
  • .@BarackObama Also, what’s the deal with this? >> #notquite #
  • Hoi, @twitter, thanks for building a list of personalized suggestions just for me. #
  • I posted the word “taco” and @PepinosPDX followed me immediately. I guess I have to eat at you. #
  • Hey folks, next Friday is looking to be “the final end of everything.” Make your time. #
  • Can anyone recommend a Django book that isn’t broken from chapter 1? #

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