Twitter weekly updates for 2011-11-27

@brenflood That's the game that just got me thinking of HeroQuest :) I've yet to play it. in reply to brenflood # @casskhaw That's horrible. My best wishes to you and your family. in reply to casskhaw # My Nants have somehow developed the tech to form long-distance relationships! This could create problems… *grumble* […]

Twitter weekly updates for 2011-11-20

Nants are now falling in love correctly! And I didn't plan on this, but some of them are forming three-way relationships. Ah, digital life. # @maackle I took the screenshot before all had "bumped." in reply to maackle # @maackle The bug was that I didn't take into account (0, 0) moves, so the nants […]

Twitter weekly updates for 2011-11-13

It makes me ridiculously happy when fellow bike commuters wish me a good morning on the ride in. # @pixeltao Any plans for an OSX release? in reply to pixeltao # I just remembered I saw Covox a handful of weeks ago at Backspace in Portland, OR, and I got all these FUCK YEAH butterflies […]


Digital life simulation is a big interest of mine. Especially on a small scale. Games that emanate the feeling of a living, breathing world are some of my favorites, like Eufloria, which makes me feel like I’m controlling fleets of microscopic beings. As a quick exercise before my next big game (which is being conceptualized […]

Twitter weekly updates for 2011-11-06

Only 11 days left to pay what you want for the Humble Voxatron Debut! via @Humble # Ghost stories always, always sound like *cough*bullshit*cough*. ALWAYS! # Anniversary time at the zoo! # Powered by Twitter Tools