Digital life simulation is a big interest of mine. Especially on a small scale. Games that emanate the feeling of a living, breathing world are some of my favorites, like Eufloria, which makes me feel like I’m controlling fleets of microscopic beings. As a quick exercise before my next big game (which is being conceptualized and storyboarded right now), I want to create a life sim “game” of my own.

Nants are small creatures with rules about love, hunger, shelter, and longevity, living in a world with rules about terrain, food sources, space, and natural occurrences. At this point, I don’t think there will be much in the way of interactivity. Rather, Nants will be a simple sim allowing you to set the boundaries and variables of the world and watch the Nants thrive and perish in the world you shape.

First, I’m trying to cover the love and mating aspect of the world. Each Nant has a love type, and when two Nants with compatible types meet, they mate. But right now, I’m having a little problem. Maybe the cutest of all coding problems. All the Nants are falling in love!

All the white Nants in the image below have fallen in love, just seconds after creating the world….

Nants falling in love

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