Twitter weekly updates for 2011-11-13

  • It makes me ridiculously happy when fellow bike commuters wish me a good morning on the ride in. #
  • @pixeltao Any plans for an OSX release? in reply to pixeltao #
  • I just remembered I saw Covox a handful of weeks ago at Backspace in Portland, OR, and I got all these FUCK YEAH butterflies in my stomach. #
  • @withloudhands All the examples are Portland businesses! in reply to withloudhands #
  • Wut #
  • @WAallLy LAWYER UP, MAN #
  • Night 1 of development on my next game/toy – Nants! #
  • I'm making a life simulation game called Nants. Basically, the world has a bunch of rules, and the little Nants do what they can inside it. #
  • Right now, I'm working on mating. There are hundreds of different love-types, so theoretically, they should fall in love sparingly. #
  • But right now all the Nants keep falling in love, and I can't stop them! #

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