Twitter weekly updates for 2011-11-27

  • @brenflood That's the game that just got me thinking of HeroQuest :) I've yet to play it. in reply to brenflood #
  • @casskhaw That's horrible. My best wishes to you and your family. in reply to casskhaw #
  • My Nants have somehow developed the tech to form long-distance relationships! This could create problems… *grumble* #
  • @withloudhands Thanks! Food and predators are next. I'm thinking of making a version where you control a predator and do population control. in reply to withloudhands #
  • I have to switch my current project from Processing to @LWJGL. Processing's CPU usage is wack. Here we go…. #
  • Motifs for Minrosphere's dark storyline/gameplay: spacetime travel, exploration, artifacts, isolation, treachery, alien terrain, extinction. #
  • The fact that I never played D&D makes me feel like I missed out on something huge. #
  • Storming the Portland rain in my new winter biking gear. #
  • Just heard someone casually sound out "URL" in a sentence instead of say its letters. I laughed out loud. #
  • #
  • So what's everyone being for Thanksgiving? #
  • I just became blood brothers with the turkey. #
  • Girlie and I making deviled eggs. #
  • Google Chrome to Phone Extension, you just solved my exact need. #
  • @GiganutRob Hm, you seem to like the name Jamey…. #

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