Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-29

@crayonsyntax I love your plugin! But man! You update a lot! # I just made a game in 3 hours. I'm feeling ready for the Global Game Jam now! Huzzah! # Here's a screenshot of my 3-hour game, Old Man Moon. # @maheshrmohan Thanks Mahesh! I was preparing for the 48-hour game jam that […]

Twitter weekly updates for 2012-01-22

I just accidentally typed "yes" into the terminal. ಠ_ಠ # OMG ZERG RUSH HOUR # mybeebees[dot]com #availableURLs # MyBeeExist[dot]com #availableURLs # MyStingBirds[dot]com, FindMyBeeBees[dot]com, MyHiveRepresent[dot]com #availableURLs # MyStingRemain[dot]com, MyStingRepresent[dot]com #availableURLs # You're welcome, businesspeople. # One more! EasyMyBeeBees[dot]com #availableURLs # Does anyone use Vintage Mode in Sublime Text? # Hey @webfaction, I'm considering switching my hosting […]

Twitter weekly updates for 2012-01-15

Well, I overwrote bash. Somebody had to do it. # Powered by Twitter Tools

How to restore /bin/bash on Mac OS X

So your (my) /bin/bash has gone missing. You (I) overwrote it or deleted it while moving files onto the PATH. It happens to the best of us. Ahem. Luckily, the problem isn’t as major as you might guess. But you’ll need a Mac OS X installation CD, because you need to work in the terminal […]

Twitter weekly updates for 2012-01-08

Interesting article about Dwarf Fortress' creators in the NYTimes, from July 2011. » # @MayorSamAdams Are you the mayor of anything? Er… on Foursquare? in reply to MayorSamAdams # .@scartheatre I'm currently studying the grimoires, tomes, and scrolls* necessary to transport our Nants into the world of Scala and lwjgl. in reply to scartheatre […]

Starting a new local git project

This is super basic, but it helps to have a quick reference for starting a new git project on your local machine. Note that you don’t have to add the whole folder in line 3. You can instead add individual files.

Also, remember to commit your .gitignore file if you choose to have one. […]

Bytebeats in C and Python (generative symphonies from extremely small programs)

In October 2011, viznut posted about his initial experiment with “bytebeats,” or extremely short C programs using one line of math to make generative music. He followed up with a much more in-depth article describing the mathematics and musical theory behind these operations. The concept is simple, and the results are beautiful and diverse. The […]

Twitter weekly updates for 2012-01-01

Why is it impossible to go to sleep at a reasonable hour when I'm at my parents house? # Eclipse is running at 100% CPU :( # Powered by Twitter Tools