Twitter weekly updates for 2012-01-22

  • I just accidentally typed "yes" into the terminal. ಠ_ಠ #
  • mybeebees[dot]com #availableURLs #
  • MyBeeExist[dot]com #availableURLs #
  • MyStingBirds[dot]com, FindMyBeeBees[dot]com, MyHiveRepresent[dot]com #availableURLs #
  • MyStingRemain[dot]com, MyStingRepresent[dot]com #availableURLs #
  • You're welcome, businesspeople. #
  • One more! EasyMyBeeBees[dot]com #availableURLs #
  • Does anyone use Vintage Mode in Sublime Text? #
  • Hey @webfaction, I'm considering switching my hosting to you, but it seems like a confusing process. Do you have people who can help me out? #
  • I think I have to transfer my domains to a registrar. Any recommendations, internetters? #
  • @benlat I'm actually switching FROM Bluehost :) in reply to benlat #
  • @benlat They've always been good, and responsive. But they don't support Django (officially) and that's where my work has been taking me. in reply to benlat #
  • @benlat I've already emotionally chosen @webfaction. But they aren't a registrar, so I'm going to need to put my domains somewhere else…. in reply to benlat #
  • @benlat I'm at 10. Thought I had gotten down to 7, but then I found a rogue minimized Chrome window with 3 more. in reply to benlat #
  • @benlat @teejayvanslyke I went with WebFaction for hosting and for registrar. in reply to benlat #
  • @benlat It works a little differently than other hosts. No public_html and so on. But I daresay I like it more. in reply to benlat #
  • If anyone can explain how to use Git to push to my own server (so I can develop locally), please enlighten me. The internet isn't helping. #
  • .@skateborden Can I check out a local repo from my server's shell somehow? I want to type "git push web" (or something) locally and be done. in reply to skateborden #
  • @withloudhands Enlighten me! in reply to withloudhands #

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