First release of my context-free random sentence generator

My next game project idea was inspired by the Video Game Name Generator, which spat out “Claustrophobic Typing” one day, and I felt the world would be a much better place with this game in it. This site has been an inspiration to many of us in the PIGSquad, especially Will Lewis, who’s been making game design cartoons based on the game names he generates.

My idea is to make a typing game that spans randomly generated sentences across the screen, and the player must type them, all in an increasingly stressful environment and with a violently shrinking game window on each error. “Oh, randomly generated sentences, no problem!” Hah! After a minute of research and thought, I quickly realized how difficult this could be. So I set out on my quest to generate some random sentences and became rather obsessed with this part of the project. After two months of elation and fatigue, I think I’ve got a pretty good system going!

You can play around with the first release on my personal website.

Many thanks to the following people and things:

I spent several (several) hours today porting my standalone Python project to Django (and honing my jQuery, JavaScript, and AJAX skills, too). It was kind of an unhealthy day, with me glued to the computer and letting my mounting frustration wash over me without enough breaks or food, but at least I ended up somewhere satisfying at the end of the night.

I plan to release the standalone Python code on GitHub when I have time (maybe tomorrow?). It needs to be updated to match the changes active on the Django project. Man, managing both projects is going to be a hassle in itself. Not to mention that I plan to use Scala for the actual Claustrophobic Typing game. Well, I’ll cross those bridges later. Anybody have any pointers for this sort of thing?

Known problems:

  • Sometimes ‘a’ and ‘an’ don’t agree with their nouns
  • Some verbs aren’t following the right conjugation rules

Immediate plans:

  • Add more tenses
  • Add negations
  • Add support for commas, semicolons, and colons
  • Add a “mark as incorrect” button on the website

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