Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-06

  • @benlat Same here, but I take way longer without it. 70% of my text time is correcting autocomplete. Android keyboards sort of suck…. in reply to benlat #
  • @benlat The other day I was thinking about how badly I miss real keyboards, and how sick I am of touch screens. in reply to benlat #
  • Does Verizon have any feature phones that can access email through the data plan (not by the minute or whatever)? #
  • @kickstarter Why can't I log in with Facebook when using Chrome? #
  • I'm Sick Of Pretending: I Don't "Get" Art | VICE via @VICEUK #
  • If you HAD to learn a PHP framework, would you choose CodeIgniter or Yii (or some other)? #
  • @bentosmile You've made far more games than the 99% of game developers already. And art is mostly bullshit, so don't sweat it. in reply to bentosmile #
  • Anyone have any tips on how to break cat skinner's block? I've skinned about 8 of them tonight and I'm mind-locked. #
  • Shit, I just got arrested for eating a Reese's peanut butter cup with a +5 slotted spoon. They respawned me somewhere in Will Smith's attic. #

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