Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-27

  • OMG! Biggest Gross-out Revelation ยป via @OMGBiggestRev #
  • @MaryDisparity Wow that looks crazy! in reply to MaryDisparity #
  • L: "Come on man, this goomba didn't do anything to us." M: "You came here with me. Now stomp him if you want to leave here with me." #family #
  • The term "mailman" seems pretty sexist to me. We should start using "femailman" for the ladies, in my opinion. #
  • Has anyone ever successfully installed a free image/file uploader for TinyMCE? I can't get IMCE, iBrowser, or Ajax File Manager to work. #
  • @leighalexander …and ironically. in reply to leighalexander #
  • How much raw JavaScript are people using these days? #
  • @spamtron Hey man, I've got Jace Bartet and his band Reptar with me. They're playing a show tomorrow, with Group Love. #
  • @spamtron The show is sold out :( But he'll be around all day until then. He really wants to meet you! in reply to spamtron #

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