Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-10

  • @booksijustread Agreed. I feel the first to last episode is usually the true finale, followed by cleanup. in reply to booksijustread #
  • @booksijustread Arya is my favorite character! in reply to booksijustread #
  • Any recommended Ruby/Rails crash courses out there? @bryanwoods @withloudhands @mcmaloney #
  • Damn, why does MacPorts take F O R E V E R R R R R #
  • Any web devs out there actively prefer PHP and its frameworks over "new school" like Django and Rails? I'd like to know why. #
  • It seems to me that the almost inexpressible boost in productivity given by new languages should outweigh any reluctance to learn them. #
  • I'm not trying to be condescending toward PHP. I do appreciate its ability to "just do stuff" right away. In the right context, of course. #
  • But even the PHP frameworks I'd consider borderline "elegant" still take a relative ass-load of time to do the simplest repeatable tasks. #
  • Ruby time! #
  • Thank you, @withloudhands, for pointing me toward Super fun and almost done! #
  • I'm passin' blocks like a bus driver #ruby #
  • @bryanwoods I was checking that out the other day. Pretty cool! in reply to bryanwoods #
  • If you've installed openssh with MacPorts and are going to use RVM, You're Going To Have A Bad Time ยป #

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