Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-08

  • @thatryana Hey Ryan, I'm going to send my resume and info over to @DarkHorseComics later in the afternoon. Put in a good word for me! #
  • I just pushed the standalone Python version of my random sentence generator to Github. Check it! #
  • The interactive web interface is still online, at #
  • @teejayvanslyke Hey, my phone lost your number because it's tied to Facebook (dumb). DM me! #
  • @teejayvanslyke Also, do you still have a friend at Dark Horse? I applied there yesterday and could use a good word. #
  • This ~90 year old woman is manhandling OS X and short-cutting among spreadsheets and docs like a boss. #
  • Although I literally heard the "You've got mail!" sound clip come from her speakers at one point. AOL Mail! #

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