First release of my context-free random sentence generator

My next game project idea was inspired by the Video Game Name Generator, which spat out “Claustrophobic Typing” one day, and I felt the world would be a much better place with this game in it. This site has been an inspiration to many of us in the PIGSquad, especially Will Lewis, who’s been making […]

Python: How to create object fields dynamically during init

Say you want to be able to create objects by passing them dictionaries with arbitrary numbers of pairs. Well this little trick, using setattr(), is going to come in handy for sure. This is all you have to do:

The only thing to remember is that the second argument in the setattr() call (“key” […]

How to restore /bin/bash on Mac OS X

So your (my) /bin/bash has gone missing. You (I) overwrote it or deleted it while moving files onto the PATH. It happens to the best of us. Ahem. Luckily, the problem isn’t as major as you might guess. But you’ll need a Mac OS X installation CD, because you need to work in the terminal […]

Starting a new local git project

This is super basic, but it helps to have a quick reference for starting a new git project on your local machine. Note that you don’t have to add the whole folder in line 3. You can instead add individual files.

Also, remember to commit your .gitignore file if you choose to have one. […]

Bytebeats in C and Python (generative symphonies from extremely small programs)

In October 2011, viznut posted about his initial experiment with “bytebeats,” or extremely short C programs using one line of math to make generative music. He followed up with a much more in-depth article describing the mathematics and musical theory behind these operations. The concept is simple, and the results are beautiful and diverse. The […]


Digital life simulation is a big interest of mine. Especially on a small scale. Games that emanate the feeling of a living, breathing world are some of my favorites, like Eufloria, which makes me feel like I’m controlling fleets of microscopic beings. As a quick exercise before my next big game (which is being conceptualized […]

New site design! New job!

It’s been an exciting week. Two bits of news. First and foremost (and most obviously), I’ve redesigned the website. This is the first WordPress website I’ve ever built from scratch. I thought it would be a good idea to learn WP from the ground up so I could get everything to look and work exactly […]

n00b data encryption for save files, pt. two

Okay, as promised, I’m going to run through the encryption method I finally ended up using in Netpack. Sorry if I’m a bit short. I haven’t looked at Netpack since the final release, and I’ve since moved on to new projects. The old encryption method would have been fine for a simple game if I […]

n00b data encryption for save files, pt. one

Following the excellent suggestion of a TIGSource user, I decided to add a save slot to Netpack’s final version. This single-use slot auto-saves on any non-death exit. It’s destroyed when it’s loaded or when a new game is started. I’m sure there are plenty of options for me in terms of libraries so I wouldn’t […]

Netpack 1.0 release

Game page: Direct download: I was pretty ecstatic this morning when I saw Netpack on the feed while scrolling through Google Reader. It took me off guard. As a new indie dev on the scene making my first strong effort and with a lot of learning to do and connections to make, it felt like […]