Installing Sinatra on WebFaction

WebFaction is a great host, but because its offerings are so diverse, installation can be a hassle for certain applications. Most recently, I wanted to get Sinatra up and running, but the default install comes with a host of problems, and the WebFaction blog post about installing Sinatra has a few errors. Below, I’ll lead […]

New site design! New job!

It’s been an exciting week. Two bits of news. First and foremost (and most obviously), I’ve redesigned the website. This is the first WordPress website I’ve ever built from scratch. I thought it would be a good idea to learn WP from the ground up so I could get everything to look and work exactly […]

New gaming website

I just put up my astoundingly beautiful game development site at Check it out.

Hello world!

As my first post on, I’ve decided to keep the “Hello world!” title that WordPress automatically gives as filler text. It’s appropriate – although I’ve made a heap of websites and blogs under different monikers and for different goals in the past, this is essentially the first time I’ve ever reached out to the […]