Netpack preview image

Netpack (more info…)
&#169 2011
A roguish arcade-likeĀ 

A roguelike based on Ms. Pac-Man, Netpack’s adventuring, leveling up, and inventory system are backed up with quick gameplay, sound effects, animations, and points, giving it an arcade feel. There are two proper endings, a secret maze that few adventurers will see, and many more details for a full, rich experience.


Don't Find The Kitty Title Screen

Don’t Find The Kitty (more info…)
&#169 2008
A point-and-click ASCII adventureĀ 

Don’t Find The Kitty is a simple point-and-click game inspired by Robot Finds Kitten. You must capture all the zoo’s moody animals, besides the kitty, of course. You can play with 10, 25, or 50 animals, as well as try Game B, where the animals give you hints about the kitty’s attributes.